Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sat July 31st: Boréal Tordu

We tried desperately hard to have them come last year... Fortunately the stars aligned and we are able to host Boréal Tordu in Millbrook this Saturday!

This may be the most unique group we'll have this summer. They are traveling from Maine for this concert. We're positive that you'll enjoy it.

A brief description from their website: Boréal Tordu began when fiddler Steve Muise and singer Robert Sylvain discovered a mutual interest in the music of their shared Acadian heritage. While signs of their parents' French culture can still be found in Maine, it was almost lost to their generation, after years of forced assimilation. More than a revival, their music represents a continuation of musical traditions passed down from the Acadians, the Québécois, and the unique French-speaking people of the the Republic of Madawaska and milltowns all over New England.

"...this bringing to life of traditional Canadian, American and French music is altogether new, made particularly appealing by the love of what they are doing and the contagious beat of the music." Esther Perne - Summertime in the Belgrades

"Friendly reminder from Boréal Tordu: Cajun wasn't born on the Bayou." Portland Press Herald
"...a fun brand of rootsy acoustic music that’s accessible... and features some top-notch musicality and singing." The Portland Phoenix

"The simplistic music, coupled with excellent vocals earns “La Bonne Vie” four-peppers."
Zydeco Road